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Muhanunadans that were encamped there. A sardSr of the
name of Dltarmaravu, and the Haude chief, joined Mia; a&d
they commenced to fight with the Mu&salmans; Lnt aster
a fight lasting for ten days, both Dharinaravu and the Ha:id*
chief, unable to offer resistance, fled.

Tiruvengalanatha treated these chiefs with scorn; and
having summoned his younger brother Timmaraja. las rela-
tions and servants one after another to his presence, he said:
" My ancestors of any generation did not show their back to
the enemy, as a consequence of a defeat sustained in the battle-
Our bodies and things (around us) are transient in character;
only truth, prowess and fame remain permanent. It is not proper
that a bsatriya or a knight should flee before an enemy. A
suitable occasion has come for the fulfilment of the promise
I made to Gropalaraja formerly. The ancient kings who
helped others patiently acquired honour and permanent fame.
In former times, Vikramarka, having been slain in battle by
Salivahana, won the applause of the world. Though Rama-
rajayya was a crowned monarch, he faced, keeping in view the
conduct proper to a kzair-iya, the Three Dunedars on the battle-
field, and fought without turning his back and won glory by
meeting his death in battle. It is nothing but dishonour for a
Jcsatriya to turn his back upon the enemy. To seek to live for
the sake of dear life is utterly unworthy of a &f afrtj/a."

With all the people that were worthy to accompany him
on such an occasion, Tiiuvengalanatha marched, frequently
uttering the name of Visnu, upon the Muhammadan army and
offered battle. Having put many enemies to death both
Tiruvengalanatha Devacoda Maharaja and his younger brother
Timmaraja met death at the hands of the foes and departed
to tihe heaven of the heroes on Siddharthi, Maghfy ba* 11.*

* March 4, A.I>. 1620. All the events mentioned above ftte described in d«Ull fry th«
BJtair who are said to have bcnn eye-Twitnesaes. The AfamS&k* describing tta incident
io BO* translated, u the abore passagw fairly mvuttmaiite ils content*,